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I get severe migraines & I was told to try peppermint oil. You can find it at some special foods stores, I had mine special ordered at a pharmacy. It was around $10 for a small bottle, but you only use a few drops so it will last a long time. Dip a Q-tip into the peppermint oil and apply it where it hurts - forehead, temples, neck - careful not to get close to your eyes. Start with a tiny bit to be sure you're not sensitive and the vapors don't bother your eyes.. you might not feel the effect for a few minutes, so don't over apply it. This seems to last for a long time and produces a very nice cooling effect, also, the peppermint scent is said to relieve upset stomach which can sometimes come with a headache. You can add more if needed. If you lie down in a dark room with a ceiling fan lightly blowing this will make it more 'cool'.. also, if you use cloth ice packs, such a cloth bag filled with ice that has been kept in the freezer, you can apply 2 drops of the oil onto the pack - just don't place it directly onto your eyes. Hope this helps someone out there!

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I use peppermint oil to help reduce headaches. It really does work. You can buy a peppermint based headache roll-on at Sage stores in Canada called Peppermint Halo. Try slowly inhaling a tiny amount applied to your fintertips too. The scent is quite soothing to me.

headache/migrane sufferer

This remedy is 100 percent effective in relieving headaches. I use this remedy on a regular basis. It is the best remedy to use when the use of 'popping pills' is not any option. I usually take the peppermint oil and smear it across the top of my upper lip and underneath my nose, to allow myself to constantly breathe in the vapors of the peppermint, and it works instantinously.


i read making it into a tea also works

kristine zeh

I usually use Excedrine extra strength for my severe headaches/migraines but have hears a lot about peppermint oil/extract n at times when I run out of Excedrine I will try this ..thx for the recommendation :P

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