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Try taking activated charcoal. It is an absorbing agent that helps capture unwanted materials/gases and then carries them out the digestive system. You can get it most health food stores in the digestion section. I've been feeling very sick for days from some bad food I ate at a family reunion (as are many of my other family members). I've tried all sorts of remedies with no success and this one helped me feel better quickly. I took 2 pills with a glass of water and a slice of bread. The directions on the bottle say you can take 2 pills as needed, so if one dose doesn't do it you can take more.

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Activated charcoal is also used in hospitals in all types of ingested poisoning cases. It also prevents flatulance if taken with foods than typically produce gas.


I am enjoying this article on food poisoning. Charcoal instantly relieved food related chest pains - I really don't think it was gas.

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