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Twice in the last year I've gotten really bad infections - one on my hand from a dog bite and another on my ankle from a cut that got infected. The one on my ankle was so bad I couldn't walk and my whole leg was swollen. Here is the method i used both times and saw amazing results right away: Take a ziploc bag. Cut a hole in the bag large enough to fit around the area of the infection. Using a strong tape such as duct tape or medical tape, attach the bag to the infected area so the hole you cut fits over the area - leaving the ziploc area at the top unzipped and accessible. Make sure the bag is taped directly to the skin surrounding the hole or else this will get very messy. Once the bag is secure, place the following inside the ziploc bag: a couple slices of bread, a few tablespoons of ground flax seed and enough whole milk to fully soak the bread. Make sure the bag is sealed up tight - with any excess air removed. Knead the mixture around with your fingers. Use more of the tape to make sure the bag is securely fastened to the area. Leave the bag on over night. in the morning remove it and clean the area. Both times i used this method just in the first night a large portion of the infection had been sucked out. If there is still remaining infection you can repeat this method. Sometimes it can take a few days for all of it to drain. *Note: this only works if there is a cut or puncture for the infection to drain. If there isn't one you can make one with a sanitized needle

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when i was little girl (bout 40 years ago) i used to have 'sty' in my eye from time to time and the 'flaxseed' poltice worked on that tool. the mixture was enclosed in gauze and taped over my eye with good result!


Tried the flax seed only made a change. I used a Bandade the size of the area needed and filled the pad as full as i could get it with the oil from 1300mg Flax seed oil then let it set over night. Night 1 was amazing there was no more outside infections seen. Night 2 was even better. it seems to be working great. my Dr is very interested.


This remedy also works with only the bread and milk. tried it several times for infection around an ingrown toenail. I normally just put the milk directly on a small piece of bread, put it on the area and cover it with a bandage or paper towel, etc. usually it works best over night.

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