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Grind the follow in a dry mixer/grinder
1 Fenugreek seeds(methi seeds)=100gms
2 Cinnamon sticks(daalcheeni)=100gms
3 Bay leaves(teej patta)= 5 to 6 leaves
4 Cloves (Lauang) = 7 to 8 pcs
5 Cummin Seeds (Jeera) = 2 tbl spoon
6 Big Cardamum (Moti elachi) 4 to 6 pcs
7 Black Salt(Kala namak) = 50 gms
8 black pepper(kali mirach)= 50 gms
9 Turmeric(Haldi powder) = 20 gms

put the powder mix in a air tight container. Mix a teaspoon of the powder in a glass of water and add lemon juice and drink it empty stomach 1st thing in the morning. You can also take it after night dinner mix 1 T-Spoon with yogut(dahi).
Also eat raw garlic 3-4 pcs (one full garlic is made of many small individual pcs).
Eat 1 raw onion every day with dinner.
The ideal would be to make a salad of onions/garlic/cucumber/tomatos/lemon juice

Eat roti(chapati) insted of rice
Try this remedies for 30 days, measure your blood sugar before starting this and then measure after 30 days....feel the difference.

All the best

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Raj Verma

it's great...a simple solution....i tried it and it works wonders....
my BG level was 215(fasting) 296(post breakfast) down to 139(fasting) and 174(post BF)



Thx for your remedy. My mums diabetic has completely gone.

God bless you forever!!!!


Hi I have a question about Moti elachi are we grinding it with skin on or just the seeds? Please let me know.

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