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No longer Itchy from Indiana

THE BEST: Desitin and meat tenderizer. Do this as soon as you see the bites. Don't delay or it will be too late. This is the best remedy I have ever found. This may cause a scar. While the skin is broken, it will be suseptible to infection. Keep clean and dry.

If there is a blister on the center of the bite, scratch it open with something very clean (not your dirty fingernail,) so you expose the raw skin in the center of the bite. This should be a very tiny area. Cover the skin surrounding the 'hole' or center of the bite with Desitin or other diaper rash cream -- the white kind with a high percentage of zinc oxide. Use a q-tip to apply it and be VERY careful not to get any on the center or hole of the bite. The purpose of this is to protect the skin surrounding the hole from the meat tenderizer.

Then make a thick paste of Adolph's meat tenderizer (buy in the spice aisle) and water. Put this on the center or hole of the bite. It will sting. Leave on for 5 minutes. Do not rub or you will rub the Desitin into the hole and the tenderizer will not be able to make contact with the your skin in the hole. Gently rinse off with cool running water after 5 min. Do not rub or you will get Desitin in the hole. Repeat 6 times a day for two days. The itch should be gone.

(While it is still itching you can also also use topical Benedryl spray or gel or anything that contains 2% diphenhydramine. Do not use anything cream or oily based or it will 'waterproof' the bite and the meat tenderizer will not be able to make contact.)

How this works: The enzymes in the meat tenderizer break down the substance that the chigger injects into you. However, it also breaks down your skin. You will be left with a small 'crater' where the meat tenderizer has dissolved your skin. This crater will eventually fill in with a scab. Keep it clean and dry to prevent infection.

My chigger bites usually itch for 5 weeks. When I used this method, they itched for 2 and a half days. Amazing.

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