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My Daughter had a friend spend the night and she had spent the night at her house the night before. That night my Daughter wanted me to cut her bangs and noticed alot of nits. I was so upset. I did find a remedy that works on contact. I used Dawn dish soap with alternitive bleach. I soaped up their hair concentrated and left it in almost an hour. OMG!! Be prepared when you towel dry. Dead lice everywhere on towel. I about gagged. I used to get lice all the time in elementry school& I have never seen anything work like that with all the lice shampoos and everything. I was impressed. I hope this helps. I know it helped me.

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I tried this out of desperation and it did NOTHING but dry out my hair and irritate my scalp. Bugs are still crawling and biting me. I've even tried twice to mix conditioner with a little bleach and left on 10-15 minutes and that didn't kill them either!


Worked great for my daughters thick, long hair. Dead bugs that I couldn't see falling out! I'll do it again in a few days just in case!

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