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My dog has fleas and got some sore and lost some fur from scratching. I rubbed aloe vera on he exosed skin . it immediatly started releling the inch and killing fleas. my dog loved it. It ade him feel much better. I am going to keep up with this treatment.

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Rebecca Hirst

Did you use aloe vera directly from a plant or did you use a product?


do you think it would work on cats as well? plz email me

thank you,

Cindy Rivera

Im sorry i dont understand half of your spelling. Can you please rewrite so that us normal people can understand as well. Thank you


Buy aloe with menthal in it. They sell it everywhere. The aloe helps each the itch and the menthal repels the fleas!

For the people that have to post comments about spelling, get a life.


I have aloe growing in my yard. Can I use this and does it work on ticks as well?

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