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a slice of lemon will help the person temperature down in seconds.

just put all over the body.. if no lemon you can use white vinegar, just put a bit to the person works for my children

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It actually worked with daughter. I didn't have the potato so I tried this one instead and worked well!

Charlotte Richardson

i didnt have the potato neither so i tried the vinegar as well,i couldn't believe it worked. within minutes she was cooled down.thanx

veronica legazpi

thx for the tips i realy needed them today

Nikkie J

Omg I can't believe the vinegar worked! I have a fever and terrible chills that I can't get rid of! I have been popping ibuprofen and Tylenol like skittles and they help a little but not enough and they take forever to kick in. I just wiped some white vinegar on my forehead and within 60 seconds the chills stopped! Amazing! Thank you so much!!


It really worked for my 4yr kid. Thank you very much for this wonderful tip.


Does it have to be white vinegar.

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