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Riley O'Connell

Shaving cream!!

The other day I got home from the beach and realized I was badly burned. Right away I got out the shaving cream and rubbed it into my back like I would do with lotion. I slept so well and the next morning the burn was gone. I even slept on my back! (The cool cream cools down the burn the whole night)

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OMG!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The saving cream was AMAZING!!!!!


Thank you! My wife didn't want to try the mustard ( she hates the way mustard smells.. what a dork ) but we just put some shaving cream on her and it works pretty well! Thanks!!!!!


I tried the shaving cream thing laast night and my back still burns.. i had it rubbed on my back evenly and it feels like it did nothing. did i forget something?


Yup shaving cream does work, Thank you sooo much! I had tried lotion, aloe, cortizone cream, neosporin, ibuprofen, nothing was taking that annoying stinging and i was feeling like my skin was leather i could barely move my arms, rubbed the shaving cream on left it for a lil jumped in a cool shower and rinsed it off.. now i can move my arms and i have a feeling of relief hopefully it lasts a lil while but i wont mind repeating the steps again for relief they were pretty simple.

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