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I have been suffering with extreme toothache pain for the past two weeks or more and nothing was working for me not even the strongest of pain medications, well last night i tried something that a friend of mine suggested and boy did it ever work and i was able to have a decent night sleep. Last night i was in agony from a bad tooth i have and my friend told me to try massaging my hand in the area of where my thumb and first finger form form a v shape so i did and i was amazed after massaging that area on the side of where the toothache pain was ... i massaged it for about 2 minutes and it took the pain away and it lasted for hours, i tried it again this morning when i awoke and the same thing, no more pain the whole morning. Thanks to my friends advice i am suffering from no more toothache but i still have my dentist appointment booked in 2 weeks time. The massing of that area has something to do with a pressure point and nerve endings ... i hope this is of some help to anyone who has a toothache although because it worked for me doesn't mean it will work for everyone.

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~Chris~ England- U.K

Well ill be Damned............... I have just started a 12 hour shift with terrible toothache, at work so no vanilla extracty etc. its slowly working, eithet that or its just a coincidence that the pain wants to go now! Brilliant!!!


I'm sitting at work in agony after just leaving the dentist. There is nothing he can do for my pain that my insurance will cover. I have to wait until I get my root canal to have some relief. I sat here and massaged that spot between my thumb and pointer finger and it helped after about 30 seconds... I am going back to doing that as soon as I submit this!!! Thank you so much!!! Amazing post!


this works i did the peanut butter that helped but it still hurt so i put the peanut butter and my boyfriend rubed it helped thank you


It's the Holiday weekend and am dying from a toothache, nothing is helping, I tried this and though I still feel the pain it is in the tolerable range now! Almost, immediate...


well lets see as I have been sitting here looking at all the different ways to ease tooth pain I tried rubbing the tendon between my thumb and fore finger and it worked I never had to try to get up for any other remidies so thank you so much I think I'll try and get some sleep now since it has been two days now without any zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's


Thank you so much! I've been having this really bad toothache for months, literally.

I'm only thirteen so a lot of medicine, I can't take a lot of, so it doesn't work that well. I tried two tylenol last night and it didn't do anything. I take orajel whenever it hurts. It works for about five minutes, but only makes it numb. Today my toothache has been hell and after doing almost everything to help, including tons of orajel, this is the only thing that has helped. The most simple thing helped. (:


This really works! i cannot believe it im 18 and 5 minutes ago i was sat here screaming crying with pain from where i had my 2 teeth out today and i did this method and it went after a minute of massagin! thanks ever so such for this post! x


I do reflexology and by massaging the back of your fingers and finding the sore spots it will talk the toothache away. Sometimes it takes a little time but it does work


ohhh reflexology works on all parts of the body if you know where each reflex relates to which part of the body. Your teeth reflexes are actually located on the back of all your fingers.Sooo check all the fingers for sore spots and work it out. Ususally your hand will be sore on the same sides as the toothache. It may take a few minutes or a few days but it will fix it depending on how long you have had the toothache....Good luck


It's around 4am and like many of you I woke up in pain. So glad I found this site. I tried several things before like ibuprofen-worked for a little while, but the massaging the V area of hand on side of pain was helpful. The thing that really blew my mind though was foot reflexology. I found this interactive chart, just go to teeth and it will show you the areas. I had this one very tender spot on my small toe. Just google free reflexology chart and it should come up.

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