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I have been suffering with extreme toothache pain for the past two weeks or more and nothing was working for me not even the strongest of pain medications, well last night i tried something that a friend of mine suggested and boy did it ever work and i was able to have a decent night sleep. Last night i was in agony from a bad tooth i have and my friend told me to try massaging my hand in the area of where my thumb and first finger form form a v shape so i did and i was amazed after massaging that area on the side of where the toothache pain was ... i massaged it for about 2 minutes and it took the pain away and it lasted for hours, i tried it again this morning when i awoke and the same thing, no more pain the whole morning. Thanks to my friends advice i am suffering from no more toothache but i still have my dentist appointment booked in 2 weeks time. The massing of that area has something to do with a pressure point and nerve endings ... i hope this is of some help to anyone who has a toothache although because it worked for me doesn't mean it will work for everyone.

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I've been staying at my boyfriends for the last couple of weeks and he's in college. I couldn't sleep and my toothe was driving me nuts so I decided to try the internet, and being my boyfriend doisn't really cook, he doesn't really have anything like vanilla extract ect. so I did this, and it's sort of working!


NOthing has helped my tooth all day. I tried the V thing and it really works. Thanks to Jesus for this site because I didn't know what I was going to do. I have ibuprophen and vicodine and it was not working. My problem is the nerves were agitated from a two cavities that are touching each other. I hope this will work for the rest of the night


I too tried this, V spot on my hand with some relief, less throbbing. I have used this technique for getting rid of headaches usually instantly for years.


As weird as this seemed, it kinda works! Im @ work and left my advil @ home (which i take 6 at a time to relieve my pain) and this actually started to calm the pain down! craziness!


Not only does rubbing the spot between your thumb and index finger help with a toothache but it gets rid of headaches and neck pain also.


I too have had a severe tooth ache, and I have tried everything from listerine to lidocane and it really helps to use the pressure point method. I have used it for years for headaches.


just be aware of drooling lol


Surprised this really works!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, neat, reflexology works again.
I put Orajel extra strength on my tooth and it worked once. After that one application (of the recommended amount) it would not work. Period. It only made my cheek almost numb. That wouldn't be bad, however, my cheek wasn't the problem. After a coffee mug of sea salt and baking soda (it was as thick as used engine oil) in luke warm water the pain went from 11 to 6, then the vanilla extract swish, 6 to 3, then the hand rub.. just a one. Good stuff.

FYI- the hand rub also works on lower back pain aswell. Just do the opposite hand of the pain, on the back side in between the wrist and the middle of the hand.

Debi Pate

Whoever the person is who recommended massage of the hand on side of the pain...God bless you! It worked when nothing else including heavy duty pain meds did! Pain free now, and can make it till I get home to my dentist next week. thank you sooooo much!

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