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Hi all.

I have been suffering from eczema and allergies my entire life...from the day I was born. Unfortunately, my dad's religion did not think highly of doctors, and I went through my entire childhood and teen life (and beyond), just suffering, trying different possible home and OTC remedies. I had severe flareups, especially on my hands, that were debilitating at times, not to mention embarassing.

I have come to the realization that eczema is not just external, of course. It has everything to do with what you are putting in your body, stress levels, etc. Therefore, you HAVE to know what sensitivities your body has.

I would highly recommend going to an allergist and getting a huge battery of testing and blood work to find out what you are sensitive to. Then work from there.

There are so many good home remedies and ideas out there, but if your body is allergic or even just sensitive to part of the remedy, it's just not going to work or maybe even make things worse.

First learn more about your body, then start avoiding the foods and other elements that your body seems to reject.

I also agree with the idea of a detox, but I think you first need to know what your body is sensitive to, because what if part of the detox ritual contains an ingredient that you are allergic to?

It's such a tedious and difficult process, I know, and I feel for all of you out there who are going through this.

Good luck to all.


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I wish it was that simple for me... I went to have an allergy test and it didn't show up anything. As far as they are concerned I am not allergic to anything. but there must be something causing me to be so itchy and in pain.

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