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Take B-complex and dolomite or drink chamomile tea daily as a preventative measure.

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I just read that chamomile CAUSES headaches and that was from a university so what am I to believe? My brother is a cronic migraine sufferer and I want to help him. There is so much advice but so far nothing works. We have tried everything I can find on the Internet and he has been to a doctor and they did prescribe a medication but it is $118. for 6 pills. We bought it several times now and it does give him relife. I am sorry to say that we are looking for an alternative to that expense but he does not have insurance so we are willing to try a safe measure of relief. He had a very extreme migraine today that has lasted since Tuesday. He took that stupid 'Goody Powder' thing and 4 pain pills that someone gave him in hopes to relieve the pain. Instead he became lathargic and obviously over-medicated. If you can offer us more information on the ease of migraine pain with the use of chamomile or anyother remedy we would appreciate it.


get him feverfew tab that's herbal & no side effect. go google & type feverfew & you will get all info & dosage....


There is a medication called 'head on' it really does work. Sorry to hear that but anthoer idea would be to have someone with insurance to say they suffer from it inoder to get him the good medication at a better cost.

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