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Drink a glass of milk with a half teaspoon cinnamon every night to relieve cramps.

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Milk is the cause of cramps.


Milk is not the cause of cramps. Try doing a little research!


Calcium aids in muscle health. It relieves cramps. Magnesium is also helpful.


yeah i heard vitamin d helps. Caffeine is absolutely one of the worst things to take during that time of month. Cinammon? I don't know.....


okay i know that cramps come along with the period, whether you take in milk or not. believe me, i've tested it. might i add that i'm only a freshman in high school. find out for sure before posting next time.


just tried it... that was gross! I have to admit the only way I'll drink milk is if its chocolate.


Milk is a mucoid forming acidic food which damages the intestinal villa.
In the next 10 years the U.S. dairy market is going to have to change the 'build strong bones and muscles' claims and become a part of the 'pleasure' food industry focusing on ice cream etc. to make its money. Milk is meant to grow a calf into a 1000 lb. cow and is not good for us even if we are not lactose intollerant symptomatically.
The calcium milk provides doesn't come close to the amount of calcium and other minerals it causes to be leeched from the bones and organs of your body in order to buffer the acidity it creates in the body.


I am extremely curious about this last claim about milk. I would like to know your sources.

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