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Try Liquid Band-Aid, Liquid Bandage, or New-Skin at any pharmacy store. Wart falss of in about 2-4 days.

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This is BS...tried it and it burned like crazy as well as shriveled my junk up into a crusty shell. By the time I was done getting the liquid bandaid off, I was so set me back by a week. I am starting the ACV process now and it's been 6 hours...seems to work. All turned white and a few turned black immediately. Do research and don't take everyones word for it on this thing... Some people seem to be in it for a cruel cheap thrill


New Liquid Skin bandage does work. It does burns really bad. The Burning will usually stop in about 3-4 minutes or less. It cost less than 4 dollars at Walmart. My warts were gone within two days. I would suggest putting it on when you first notice the wart.

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