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Acid reflux comes from lack of acid in your body. Taking a teaspoon of vinegar will give your body the acid that it needs to stop the pain. Or you can eat a pickle or pineapple. This should help you with your problem.

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My doctor told me to eat LESS acidic foods when I was diagnosed with reflux.


yes that is totally wrong. thoes are the last things u want to do


You are all wrong. Acid reflux is a complicated thing. What you eat and many other factors are responsible and the truth is you have a 50% chance of curing it with more acid and a 50% chance of curing it with alkali.try both 15 min apart and remember what works for you because habitually if you get it again it will be for the same reason and therefore the same cure will work. If it doesn't wait 15 min and try the opposite.

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This really worked for me. Actually I once read a recommendation to take 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar with a little honey and 8oz of warm water daily as a lifetime tonic.


Wow ummm okay.... Acid reflux is due to over active acid producing pumps in your stomach. The acid tends to become to much for the stomach & spills into the esophogus. But I do agree with the comment stating to try different remedies. You never knw what works best for you unless you try things.


Actually Amanda that is a common misconception in our society. For example, pills like Zantac take away the acid in your stomach (as well as the digestive enzymes your body needs for proper food absorption and to digest your food in general), which causes your body to freak out and produce more acid in response. And using these products for a long period of time can strip your body of naturally occuring digestive enzymes, and then you will produce more and more acid to compensate. WORD.


Morning. I have been up sence 2am. Just took some pickle juice followed by a teaspoon of honey. It worked for me.

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