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Here is my take on genital warts removal.

1. Clear the area, some warts are so small they are easily missed. I suggest removing as much pubic hair as possible. I don't recommend shaving use a unobtrusive method. If you do shave use a clean fresh razor and anti-bacterial lotion soap (not shaving cream). Anti bacterial soap is strong enough /with warm water to kill the hpp don't want to spread more external warts during the shaving process. Be careful shave around the warts (you may accidentally chop a few unknown ones off during this process.
trash the razor when finished it shouldn't ever be used again. Dry up using paper towels and liberal amounts of hydrogen peroxide over the entire area.

2. Find the warts, wash rinse sanitize hands. careful visual inspection to determine all warts. Wash rinse sanitize hands when done. Visual inspection usually is enough however if you want to find them all... Take two full size sheets of paper towels soak them in Apple cider vinegar, wrap them around entire genital region over night, secure with medical tape. Go to bed. When you remove the paper towels
genital warts will appear as white bumps, or crusty patches for larger ones. One night of apple cider vinegar in the entire pubic area won't hurt you, do no do it continually. Take note of warts and move on to treatment.

3. Apple cider vinegar is strong smelling and 5% acidic, buy a small bottle easier to work with. take the lid off put a cotton ball in the cap of the lid, hand hold lid on bottle, and turn upside down. Remove lid with cotton ball. Dissect cotton ball into necessary size pieces, pieces should cover entire wart plus a little extra.
using medical tape adhere pieces in place.

4. Treatment should be done around same time everyday I suggest bedtime.
Always wash and clean area after and before treatment. This is the time to become germaphobic, as you don't want to spread warts anywhere else.

5. No sex or masturbation thats right, this is the punishment for a STD, till warts are gone forget about it.

6. Follow up, I suggest garlic tablets in addition to treatment, 2 a day forever, garlic can boost your immune system with a sensible diet of foods. Obviously smoking and drinking create damaging free radicals that can weaken the immune system. But really bottom line healthy people are just as likely to get outbreaks as not so healthy people.

7. What to expect, the apple cider vinegar method takes time to work. Over a period of the first week you will notice the warts hardening, shrinking and blackening (usually second week). By the third week most warts will be hanging by a thread so to speak, Let them fall off on there own. Remember just cause the warts are gone doesn't mean your cured.

8. Long term -The HPP virus is still inside of you and you are a carrier. Always use protected sex. It is your responsibility to warn potential partners you have the virus, think of how you felt when you got it from somebody who didn't mention it. Gradually your body will build up a defense and produce antigens, white blood cells capable of keeping the HPP virus in check. Non smokers generally 5 years smokers 10 years there are many exceptions.

8. Why me- Hpp virus is in it's outbreak phase which the CDC has been tracking since the early 80's. It is rampant and widespread among a large and varying populace. 1 out of every 5 people are completely immune to it. 2 out of 5 never show signs they have it.
Because more than half the people that carry it don't even know they have it it is spreading like wild fire only showing up on a few individuals. The good news is that eventually a natural immunity will follow, the CDC plans for hpp virus to be insignificant in 20 years, they are helping this along by introducing new vaccines for our children that build up the antibodies to it (the vaccine is crap right now needs a re-pass from the FDA).

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