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You can buy Gentian Violet at the pharmacy (CVS, walgreens, etc) It is behind the counter but does not require a prescription. Using a clean cotton swab, dip into the GV and paint your nipple and all the skin that your babies mouth touches around the nipple as well. Then nurse. Your baby will have a VERY purple mouth, which will treat the thrush for both of you :)

note: this stuff really stains! Use old towels or sheets to cover your bathroom counter, bed, and use old bras and night gowns for a few days till all the purple is gone. It will wear off of baby's teeth and skin and not stain, after a few days as well. It's ugly but it WORKS! Pain free nursing and a less fussy baby will be yours again.

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I used this remedy with my daughter. The nipple pain stopped with the first application. Yes, she and I were purple for days, but it was definitely worth it!

Tennille Kuhlman

I so agree! Nothing else was working and then my home nurse said..'its purple party time!'......i said..'whattt?'...worked!! By one day all pain was gone. By 3 days, we were both healed.


This is a really dangerous remedy. You and your baby could die. Home remedies are great but you should still consult a doctor especially if you are giving it to an infant.


I am an adult and had thrush on my tongue. Yogurt wasn't working, so I tried the gentian violet. It really turns your tongue dark purple, it tastes HORRIBLE, and kind of stings. I'm still using it, but you may find a kid spitting it out. It is somewhat toxic, so only dab it on, don't swish it around mouth. Also, it will stain your sink purple. So, do it over an old towel or something.


Cvs pharmacist would not sell me gentian violet for by baby I was told to use it for thrush pharmacist said its not safe for that only should be used topically not put in mouth!!

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