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For thrush - mix 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract with 10 drops of liquid Stevia extract (to reduce bitterness of GSE) and paint the mouth of your baby with the mixture, once a day for three days. Make sure to cover the tounge, roof of the mouth and gums. At the same time, treat your nipples amd aureola with the mixture afer every feeding. (you can rinse the mixture off of your nipples before each feeding if it tastes bitter to the baby.)

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WARNING! Grapefruit Seed Extract works because during processing it creates a form of BENZENE - a carcinogen. While this may indeed eliminate thrush, I would be very concerned about an infants liver and kidneys. This statement can be easily confirmed by googling GSE and Benzene.


The only time I tried not-diluted grapefruit seed extract in my mouth it burned my tongue on contact, creating a sore that lasted a week and hurt worse than a mouth ulcer. I would NOT recommend you do anything like this to a baby!!!

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