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Vineger- It is the real deal! Probably, anything that cools the skin and reduces/relieves the inflammation will help. The tea bag treatment works well also.
The worst burn I've had in my fifty-five year old life happened about thirty-five years ago. My step-brother and I spent several hours in a ski boat on a lake. Being young and dumb (as opposed to being older and dumb, at this point!) we didn't use 'sissy stuff' like sun block:). We drove home, around a four hour drive, in a convertible. I still had on my swim trunks and, when we got home, had lobster red thighs. I've not had a burn as bad as that since. After a sleepless night I spent the next day at work pouring vineger on my legs. By that night, though my legs were still as red, they did not hurt at all. Now, if I could just find a cure for my lousy memory!

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Haha, Thanks.
I never tried it before but I should give it a try.


Get a wife?? lol


ok, so i was a little skeptical to say the least, i figure vinegar is an acid how can that be safe to put on your burnt skin, man does it work i dont know how and i dont care but just after spraying the areas one time i feel soooooooooo much better the itch is gone and the burning feeling is cooling off, few more spraydowns and i should be good for the night, amazing from now on i will swear by it, oh n its not pure vinegar just a spray bottle 50/50 mix, it does kinda make you stink make sure you dont have a date, ooooops

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