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I have had cronic yeast infections for 15 years. I tried everything, doctor after doctor, prescription creams, diet, boric acid, yogurt, ...everything. Thus by the glory of the coconut, I started to take, by mouth, a spoonful of coconut oil(organic) every morning. I have not had a yeast infection since.

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I believe it!I've been mashing up extra virgin coconut oil(sometimes with a few drops of tea tree oil) and then rolling it into little balls that I can put inside my vagina once in the morning and once at night. Usually this cures or at least helps soothe my yeast or bacterial infections pretty quickly. I will have to try taking it orally now too!

Ms Pahlee

I have purchased a jar of organic coconut oil and was using it for itching around the vaginal area it helped, is this the same kind that you take internally?it is a cream which is firm i transfered some to another container and it is liquidfied, i purchased it from a herbal store, it said 100%

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