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a year ago i had a ringworm on the inside of my left forearm. My dad said trust the doctor. I used anti-fungal ointment and everything and it took forever to go away, and it itched all night whenever i would try to sleep. One day i scratched it then put baby powder on it. It was just a lucky guess because the next day the ringworm was gone! Then a few weeks later i tried it again and it worked. Im not even kiddin it really works but it sounds crazy. Just scratch it put a thin layer of ointment Then over in baby powder. Mine went away in just 2-3 days. I got rid of 6 of them just like that. I highly reccommend this remedy

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My mom said she'd done something like that and said the rashes went away. I thought she was crazy. But after reading urs.. may be that's true. I think the powder dries away the skin.


I have ringworm right now and have started doing the same thing you just described by instinct. I know keeping it dry allows it to heal. Glad to know I'm not crazy and others do it too.

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