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My daughter had a earache i just took a little bowl and 50% 50% i put water and vinegar and it healed her right away she was out on the computer...

thats it.

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way to tell us what youre supposed to DO with the %50%50




i had a similar situation wit my daughter and i just used the 50/50 water and vinegar on her and she instantly felt better, and asked where did i get this medicine... lol

this deffinately works


I was having problems with my left ear itching, popping, crackling noise, and sore to the touch. I went to my family doctor who prescribed me steroid type medicine. Went back in a week and ear still hurts and I can hardly hear anything in this ear. He prescribed me an antibiotic. I went back in a week and ear still not better. I made an appointment with an Ear Nose and Throat specialist who said I had a fungus in my ear. He suctioned in out and painted the ear drum with Gentian-Violet. This is the dark purple liquid that we used to use as a child. Mother would paint the inside of our mouths with this and would cure the Thrush. He said that this is an old time remedy but is the only thing that works to kill fungus in the ear. He also said that antibiotics would not kill fungus. Well after three treatments of Gentian-Violet over the course of three weeks it seemed to be getting better, I could at least hear out of the this ear. Unfortunately, after about two weeks it is starting again, itching and hurting. I was reading that an equal solution of White Vinegar, Rubbing Alcohol, and Hydrogen Peroxide would help cure fungus in the ear. Well I just tried it. I used a dropped to put the solution in my ear, after I carefully mixed in all together, and once it hit the inside of my ear it HURT!!!!!!!. I thought I surely done some major damage. I have taken some pain pills and it seems to be ok. It has only been about 30 minutes but my ear seems to be doing better. I am not sure if I will do this again but if it is better in the morning I probably will use the solution again.


last night i have a swear ear pain i read about using white viniger and water mixter 50/50 i used it in my ear and let it drain but after some time it feels thet something bad happens to my ear pain gets more swear and i can hardly hear something from that ear it was hurting more than before and it gets worse i will definetlly not recomend this remidy because its not usefull in my experience hhh......


wow, talk about a run-on sentence and the spelling... definitely hard to read that last one.

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