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I have plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the feet)and developed an awful case of Athletes Foot complete with cracking between my toes and oozing/weeping/itching. I went to see my podiatrist who told me to do the following:

Soak feet 2X a day in hot water and Epsom salts for 15 minutes. Dry feet well, especially between the toes. Use a blow dryer to dry between toes. Apply Dakins solution (a diluted mixture of bleach, purified water and baking soda) with a cotton ball. Let feet air dry. Then apply Gentian Violet with a Q-tip to affected areas only. After several days the macerated areas of your feet/between your toes will start sloughing off.

Gentian Violet will stain your feet 'Barney purple' so let it dry completely before walking around and don't get it on clothes, carpet etc. Continue this routine for a minimum of 3 weeks and it will eradicate your Athlete's Foot.

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