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I have found the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to get rid of a sore throat. You make your self hot tea or hot chocolate (as hot as you can stand) and drink it. As well as that eat potato chips. It helps alot. Watching TV while using this trick helps get your mind off of your throat

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How will potato chicps help at all with a soar throat? and burning you throat with hot things will not help either. This is a site to help ppl not hurt them even more.

A Mature Adult

Dont you have anything better to do than type bogus info? get a life!


Are u sure your thinking of a sore throat? Potato chips would be a little difficult to swallow.And there would have to be something very very interesting on T.V. to get your mind off a sore throat. But to each his own


Do y ou wana heal my throat or make me gain 100 pounds?!


The hot tea helps to soothe the throat. The salt on the potato chips helps to kill the bacteria on the back of your throat. Don't be so quick to judge if you have never tried it, dicks.


No potato chips have salt yes it might be hard to swallow at first but it the same consept as gargaling salt water


-Wtf! Is This Person Serious??!!


are you serious? your on a website telling me im gonna get rid of my sore throat by eating chips and watching television

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