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My son began getting diarrhea (pediatrician said it was teething) and very soon after his butt started getting red. At the first site of redness I started putting Boudreaux's Butt Paste and Aveeno Diaper Cream (worked great on my daughter) on him. But the diaper rash kept getting worse. Within days he had open sores on his bottom and was bleeding. We cut out wipes, used only warm washcloths and I tried every named brand diaper cream on the market; nothing worked. I visited every website I could find with home remedies and tried them; nothing worked. The pediatrician gave us Nystatin cream for what we thought was a yeast. It made it worse. They told me to mix Desitin, Nystatin and Maalox together, that didn't work either. I let him air his butt out everyday and once all night. Mild improvement, but not cured. 2 weeks into this, my poor son would scream with every diaper change. It broke my heart! Then a friend suggested Bag Balm. I had no idea what this was, but it is what farmers put on their cow's udders when they are chapped. You should be able to find it anywhere they have supplies for animals. Within 12 hours I noticed a vast improvement and within 24 hours his butt was only mildly pink. What a huge difference! Now he will be getting this on his butt even if he doesn't have a rash. If you are like me and feel like you have tried every remedy out there and nothing has worked, try Bag Balm!

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I've been watching my 4 month old grandson for a few weeks now and he is cutting his first tooth as well as finishing off an antibiotic. My own children never had teething diarhea, so I was surprised to learn of it. I kept wondering if he was allergic to the diapers I switched to or the antibiotic. Last night was the first sign of rash. This is the first home remedy that I've read of that gives me hope. He has enough medical problems, so seeing him in pain is heart wrenching. I also read that a 8 part H2O/ 1 part vinegar solution is best to clean the area instead of wipes... I'm headed to the pharmacy after his nap. Wish us luck...


where do u buy it from i need it ive tryed every thing i cant think of anythink else this is my last resort


Thanks for the tip! This worked awesome on my daughter as well. She never gets diaper rash, but after starting an antibiotic, she got a really bad rash almost immediately from the diahrea that ensued. She would scream when I changed her diaper, no matter how careful I was. I found your post and went out and purchased bag balm right away. After 24 hours the rash has significantly reduced and she no longer cries when getting her diaper changed. One thing that might be helpful to others - in my drug store, the Bag Balm is located with the hand lotions - NOT baby products. I almost left the store disappointed until I thought to look there. HTH!


WOW!! I searched for an alternate soluntion for my little girls poor bottom and thought, 'what the heck, I'll try it!' Went to CVS and found the bag balm and started using it ... it's amazing. The redness is gone and the sores are finally clearning up after only 3 applications!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


I've been worried sick about my 1yr. old, because she has had really bad diaper rash for 3 days. Nothing has worked, so I started searching for cures. I just found this, and I'm going first thing in the morning to pick some up. Keeping my fingers crossed. Will post how it goes.


Ok. I'm a believer. Every time I changed my daughter's diaper, she was screaming and crying, but as crazy as it sounds, as soon as I put the bag balm on she stopped! In less than 24hrs. the redness is gone and the sores are getting so much better.

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