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When I brought my son home from the hospital my mother instantly recognized the colic and sent my father to buy catnip tea, I was terrified of her giving it to him but she told me to trust her that she had raised 5 of us and she knew what she was doing. She made him the tea and gave him some, instantly the crying stopped and WE BOTH finally got some rest. Of course I got my I told you so from my mom. I also found out that when there is no catnip tea handy try running a vacuum cleaner, my son would instantly stop crying and star cooing, but you are stuck listening to it till they fall asleep and you can ease it away praying that turing it off doesnt wake them. Both worked really well for us.

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Yes it does work! I remember my mother some 2o years ago giving my 1st baby catnip tea and yesterday I suggested the same remedy to my youngest daughter for her son. Mother really does know best!

Ms. D

Yes Catnip tea truly works. My son is 26 yrs old now and he has a newborn who turns out has colic. I suggested Catnip tea to soothe the gas. These home remedies worked long before there was the so called 'gripe water'


Kick the tires and light the fires, problem offciailly solved!


trying to find where to get catnip tea any suggestions


Where can u find this? I have no idea where to get this... Please someone help!

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