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For toenail or fingernail fungus, apply tea tree oil with a Q-tip at least twice a day (I do it after showering and before bed). Make sure not to re-use the same part of the Q-tip after you touch it to your fungal nail. I do all of my nails, although I only have fungus on one, to prevent the spread. After the tea tree oil I rub in some Vick's vapo-rub and leave it on. My nail is improving drastically!! This works because tea tree oil, menthol, and camphor (found in Vick's) are all natural anti-fungals. However, you must continue the treatment until the fungal nail is completely grown out and for a while after it grows out to be sure that the fungus is completely gone.

If you must wear shoes, change your socks as often as possible to keep the feet clean and dry - fungus loves moisture!! I go barefoot or in sandals as often as possible as well.

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