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I am 59 years old I suffered from enlarge prostate ubtil I statrted taking a product that had not only saw palmetto but, pygeum and pumpkin seed as well. The product that I use now is a product called urinozinc. It costs $10.00 in the vitamin section at wallmart. Take two day. Your problem should diapate in about two weeks. I know have the prostate of a 25 year old.

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Thanks for the info. I'll be going to Walmart!


That is a great tip ,,, thanks so much !!
I will pass it on to my father in law that suffers from enlarged prostate .
And as far the ( RUDE IDIOTS ) that made the most disrespectful comments take a lesson and maybe you should go back to school of manners , that is back to you're mothers lap ,,,


Thank you for your post! Do you recommend stop using it after two weeks? I have been taking the medicine for two weeks now and I am seeing a difference in the symptoms.

Wolf Ricketts

ABSOLUTELY BEYOND COMPREHENSION : that anyone could seek out info. for prostrate problems and at that point decide to post an IGNORANT comment concerning grammar.
ENJOY obamacare , you MORON !

Trouble peeing

I got a bottle this morning to try, I don't seem to be able to stream so I'll keep you posted and thank you for your comments on the product so everyone knows now


The product is excellent and it works. Days, a week or two. Fear not. Have a little patience...outstanding product. As for the jerks up front, it is very possible that they are disinformation agents who try and discredit anything non-pharma on the web. Nobody REAL, searching for life-saving information would write in such an ignorant manner. There is NO encouragement for human beings on the web who want to thrive outside of the medical matrix. Sad, but true.. Get the product and escape prostate misery!!

Trouble peeing

This stuff is awesome, I couldn't stream I was tinkeling like a child. I took 3 pills a day 7am, 3pm,11pm for 2 weeks now I can pee a lot better and I can pee a stream now. Back to Walmart for another bottle. Thank you guys so much for advertising this product as I've tried the stuff advertised on tv that doesn't work. This stuff WORKS!!


Worked for me!! Much less expensive than Rx meds. Thank you!

11 grade speller

Yo mind correcting the remedy not the spelling someday you might not be able to piss when your at your bored writers convention and need a quick fix?


Thank you for the natural remedy tip! My DH will take supplements I research and put out for him--so I am going to rotate this one in and see if there is any improvement in symptoms. I love that there are herbals out there that are effective AND inexpensive, without the hype.

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