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I am 59 years old I suffered from enlarge prostate ubtil I statrted taking a product that had not only saw palmetto but, pygeum and pumpkin seed as well. The product that I use now is a product called urinozinc. It costs $10.00 in the vitamin section at wallmart. Take two day. Your problem should diapate in about two weeks. I know have the prostate of a 25 year old.

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and the writing skills of a 5 year old.


You mean like not using a capital A when starting your sentence with the word 'and' ?....hmmmmm....the writing skills of a 4 year old lol.


Is it possible that he may have other issues. I am 39 and have pretty severe arthritis. I can't always type very well and have lots of errors in it.


wow u guys are dix...try focusing on the content rather than the grammer when it clearly is insignificant here...


everybody needs to grow up


I appreciate your comment and your taking the time out to share the information with the readers. The individuals who posted those silly azz comments, really need to grow up. What idiots having nothing better to do than to criticize ones grammar.

Mama Mo

Don't pay any attention to these immature losers making their negative comments; they probably work for the same companies as Stephen Barrett ( Quackbusters) who represented mainstream medicine and was caught up in his own web of deception...for fallacious attacks and lawsuits against alternative practitioners. He was found out...and he's the one crying now! Read for yourself: search 'Quackwatch Busted.'

Duffy N.

Obviously the guy making the recommendation failed the grammar test. However,the medicine is clearly understood as being URINOZINC sold for $10.00 at Walmart. Let's give it a try. Thanks.


It's the best advice I've seen surfing the net so far this morning. I know where Walmart is and I've got $10 I'm willing to risk. THANX & let the kids go buy some candy & don't pay any attention to them.


Thanks for taking the time to try and help.

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