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I've had horrible stretchmarks for over 20 years and have tried every treatment under the sun and nothing worked until now...for the last 4 months I've been using Trilastin SR every day - sometimes twice a day and I did notice a slight improvement with the marks, but they were still obvious. So I thought I would improve the odds, and purchased a Dermaroller for $50 and some Retin A cream. Now I've been rolling my skin first, and immediately applying the Trilastin and Retin A cream combined...and in the last 3 weeks, my marks have almost completely disappeared!! I keep checking myself in amazement! This combination treatment is honestly the miracle I've prayed for! For those of you who are having the same frustrating struggle in trying the 100's of useless hyped treatments...please, please try this one!! It seriously works!!

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For anyone considering Retin A cream heres a warning. It's a rx cream that is quite pricey - $50 for mine. I used it for 1 month before I decided to throw it out. Yes it made my stretch marks somewhat lighter, but it left ugly light patches on other parts of my body that I didn't even use the cream on! (My knees of all places.) Apparently that's one of the side effects that people tend to leave out. To give a more precise description of my 'light patches', they look like sun spots and have permanently discolored my skin. It's been over a year since I stopped using it and the discoloration has yet to go away at all. BE CAUTIOUS!


Hello Cindy, I was wondering what size is your dermaroller? and how many times per week did u roll?? and now are ur stretchmarks completely gone??
Thanks ;)

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