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I have had several abscessed teeth I have dealt with and had the doctor pull 2 of them. Since i am running out of teeth :( I opted to hold onto the others till the bitter end. I used the Garlic and tea bag treatment and it REALLY works. When you finally get the infection gone, I have came up with a regimen that has kept my remaining teeth in great shape as well as my gums. I had a couple of deep fillings that would abscess often so I came across TEA TREE OIL! The stuff is heals about everything and is a must have for anyone. It penetrates easily though the gums and down to the roots of your teeth and is a strong natural antibiotic. After I got rid of the infection on the teeth initially, I religiously floss then brush my teeth and gums thoroughly with straight tea tree oil then hold the remains in my mouth for a bit and swishit around. It tastes pretty strong but I have come to love the sanitized feeling I have after. After my teeth felt really good for a while...of course I slacked off and stopped my tea tree oil and flossing and a couple weeks later, the lovely abscess was back and so I got back into the regimen and all has been well for several years! The tea tree oil will also cure impetigo, ringworm, acne, and all sorts of stuff. the closest thing to a cure-all as I have found. Wonderful stuff!

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Tea tree oil works. When I get an abscessed tooth I dip a q-tip in Tea tree oil an rub it all around the gumbs.
It kills the pain and the bacteria. Don't swallow, Just be prepared... hang your mouth over the sink, because it will cause your saliva to run.
I have heard that some people are allergic to Tea Tree Oil. May be a good idea to dab a small amount first.


Tea Tree Oil is a miracle cure. It also works to heal MRSA (staff infection).

But, and this is important - overuse is not good. Try to keep from inhaling the fumes and don't overdose with tea tree shampoo and mouthwash, toothpaste etc.
All these things can be used in moderations and they will heal, but in overdose can be dangerous.


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