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Orange Juice


Mix the 3 ingredients together. Make sure that you have more amount of flour because its what makes it silky and have texture. Freeze it for a few minutes but if your orange juice is cold you dont really have too. Rub it on the edges of your circles for 10- 15 minutes. NOTE: This would not remove the whole thing it would just lighten and reduce it.

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Can you use an actual Orange's juice for this. like the fruit orange


Which flour?


could you replace orange juice for lemon juice for a better outcome?


hi there this sounds very good just wanted to know what orange juice do you use ?????


Caitlyn shut the fuck up!!!! If u dnt want to rub ur dark circles and do something about it get the fuck out!!!!!! The lady/guy whatever posting the comment just wants to help stupid ass!!!!!


hey!i want to know whether it really works on teenagers????????????????????


I found that if you don't make this mixture thick. Keep it at more of a liquid and add coffee grains it works as a great exfoliator. It removed my dead skin great and I left the eye mixture in my face as a mask and it removed/lighted alot of the dark spots on my face. I am a tanning bed user and try to cover my face with a towel but when u turn over its kind of hard. And this causes discoloration but the mask helped alot. I will continue using this.


I used the juice from an actual orange just bc it has no chemicals/preservatives in it. I am not sure if it matters or not. I just saw a question about this. Also I just used plain white flour. Not sure if this matters either. Although I did use a whole orange for the juice so I ended up making too much lol but I guess that means I wont have to make anymore for a while. Hope I helped.

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