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Eat 4-8 raw almonds. It will cure heartburn almost immediately and last a lot longer than tums, rolaids, or baking soda.

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I tried this. It really works!!!! I was really surprised. It worked right away and the indigestion stayed gone.


didnt work:(


I was dying at work and I had none of the other remedies like baking soda, cider, pickle juice etc. I remembered I had a trail mix in my desk drawer. I picked out a hand full of almonds and it TOTALLY WOKRED!!! A life saver!


I tried Tums & they weren't working so I had 6 raw almonds & I'm feeling better already!


Thank you so much for this! I have been sitting up straight for 2 hours waiting to go to bed. This is by far the worst heartburn I have ever had and the almonds REALLY WORKED!!! Thanks!! Now I can go to bed!


Did not work for me.

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