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1. Shower/Wash Nightly

2. Change Underwear- Twice Daily

3. Reduce Eating Sugar

It will be gone in a few days and forever. It's a nasty bacteria that itches, itches and itches.

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i cant bear the pain.. im suffering frm it since from 5 months or more.., now the effected area is of my palm size.. i trie d even cocunt oil.. used lichensa,itch guard, moisturiser, hydrogen peroxide etc.., no use.. no use.. its itching itching and itching.. i have sleep less nights.. help me plzzzzzz


take cotton, apply dettol without diluting in water on the affected area...within 3 days...all will be gone


oh dude...!!! if dettol works...!! m gna drink dettol just to celebrate gettin rid of the nasty thing... thanks fr the info.. gna try it asap.. fingers crossed.. :s


It is not a bacteria it's fungus! Don't treat it like bacteria!

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