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7 years ago, I had a gum infection and resulting toothache, extreme torture. Dentist prescribed anti-biotics & vicodin, but paininfection persisted, thought I would have to lose my back molar. Tried home remedy of garlic compressess directly to area, plus salt water rinses & dental cleanings 3 times a year. This saved the tooth. Then, 2 weeks ago, got the same problem on the other side of my mouth (talk about bad karma). This time, the anti-biotics & vicodan brought no relief at all. It hurt so bad to chew that I was almost in tears. I made up a tincture of tea tree oil, cayenne, peppermint & cloves and applied directly to the area with cotton. Got instant relief within 1 day and all pain gone within 2 days. This will also heal the gums and deep pockets if used on a regular basis. Also, during my conventional treatments, I found that putting regular table salt on the affected area brings some relief if you're stuck at work and can't do the other things right away.

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Tea tree oil is amazing stuff! I brush my teeth morning and night with undiluted tea tree oil and my recurring abscesses and gum problems have disappeared!


I am a total believer in Tea Tree Oil. I was in tremendous amounts of pain and I have tried Hydrogen Peroxide, Listerine, Baking soda. and With no help at all from Orajel. After using Tea Tree Oil it has almost eliminated my pain in two days. Also applying cold fluids to the infected area also removed the pain for a few minutes,, and I will say that the Listerine when in for a full minute also cut down on my pain for a little while.


I just wanted to let you know how I used Tea Tree Oil to cure my gum pain. I diluted 5-10 drops Tea Tree Oil to 1oz of water. To get between the teeth I soaked my floss in the diluted Tea Tree Oil and Flossed between the teeth one at a time and after cleaning one I again soaked it in the Tea Tree Oil to make sure I wasn't cross contaminating the gums.


Be careful! Tea Tree Oil is toxic. Make sure not to swallow it!

It's best to dilute it.


Tea tree oil is not toxic... Please find out your facts .. its a wonderful thing to have access to..


'Tea tree oil, like many other “natural” substances, can indeed be poisonous if used in the wrong way, especially if swallowed. In 2008, U.S. poison centers received more than twice as many calls about tea tree oil than any other named essential oil, including cinnamon oil, clove oil, and eucalyptus oil. More than 15 percent of people exposed to tea tree oil were treated in a hospital or doctor’s office.' - National Capital Poison Center (

Yes it can be toxic if swallowed. Make sure YOU know your facts. It's a great product, just use it safely.


I had my husband try this remedy and he said that it burns and that it just made it wrost than it was before the remedy.


Google free dental day. Also look for dental schools that will reduce the price.

Gums & teeth pain: Clove & peppermint oil, swish mouth with warm salt water, use vanilla extract, tea tree oil, baking soda.

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