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My brother and i have had very bad abcessed teeth before. My brothers was swollen for about 3 days. we tried swishing listerine and peroxide. but then i noticed what lookd like a vein leading to my brothers eye. The abcess got so bad in those 3 days it was trying to infect his right eye and we got an earbeating from the dentist who told us we made it just in time. So please be careful. Do yr best to make it to a dentist. And do what you can for the unbearable pain.

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A friend of mine is suffering with this same problem. Only she has no tooth decays or anything wrong with her teeth. What could be causing the absess?


There is such a thing as a Gum abcess, from having pero problems with your gums, cleaning your teeth and keeping up on your 6 month apts. will help out with this, or if you have a periodontal disease may have to have a deep cleaning where they hygenist goes below the gumline and physicly scrapes all the bacteria off of the roots of the teeth, and you have to keep up on the cleanings every 3 to 4 months


i have what i think is a dental abcess on my lower left side jaw. there is nothing wronng with the teeth there an i can't find a thing wrong with the gum although my jaw is swollen so bad an the pain is crazy sore. i've tryed everything to kill the pain which is givin me such bad headaches did your brother get headaches an sore throut too? an does any tea bags work?


I was pregnant with twins so meds weren't much of an option. My mom is one of those hippies from the 60's gone herbal and she told me to put a little tea tree oil on a tea bag and put it where you need it and close your mouth(bite) on it. This tastes nasty but it worked and didn't hurt my babies. I had all my teeth pulled after they were born, but now my husband has issues. Oh well, at least I know what works.


You can develop an abcess from a previous root canal ir a cracked tooth. In my case, it was both. I had the tooth pulled this past week after putting up with the swelling and pain for way too long. My dentist told me that no amount of antibiotics was going to make this infection go away. And he was right. I saw the tooth after it was pulled; the abcess was attached to the root! Temporary solutions should only be used until you can get to a dentist ASAP. The long-term effects of dental problems can cause heart attacks, strokes, etc. You CANNOT permenantly treat or heal an abcess yourself.

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