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B.R.A.T (diet)

A-applesause (NOt Apples! or apple juice!)

have all or only one. but my mom gave me this good advice.

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I know of this too. The doctor told my mom about it.


This has been modified for 'modern times' as some of the restrictions aren't necessary.
You can eat can also eat unseasoned chicken...and you can eat pasta as well, plain, not just rice.


This is a traditional treatment for diarhea in children. It works great.


I have heard of this also, but I have heard of it as BRATTY. The last T and Y stand for tea and yogurt. Ginger tea or Peppermint tea seem to work the best for me


I felt really sick to my stomach the other day and was gonna try this cure.... But while I was getting some of the food to try and eat, the smell of it made me throw up! And I felt way better:) so I don't know if eating this stuff actually works, but in a sense it did cure my stomach ache:)

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