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I wet the bed until i was about 13 years old. One thing that got me to finally stop is a few tips that i heard from other people. One tip is that after six o'clock i wouldn't drink any milk. Then i wouldn't drink anything before bed. If my mouth was dry i would just garle water. Once i started doing these things i compeletly stopped wetting the bed.

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Teresa, Bakersfield

My daughter is nine now and still wets her bed. It has nothing to do with fluids it is she is a VERY DEEP sleeper. I have her in pull ups and I feel it is enabling her, But Drs keep saying she will grow out of it. When I wake her up she pinches walls, stands lost and is out of it, Any help??? She never wets her pants when awake.


your doctors are right about growing out of it. My doctor told my parents that i would grow out of it by the time i was 13. They were right. i think milk actually makes someone sleep harder so not having milk after 6 helped alot. Also try getting her up a couple times a night. not just once. my mom did that and now i actually wake up when she would usually get me up. Definatly try to make her feel like any other kid and don't make her feel like this makes her a bad person. There are lots of kids with this problem.

kristina .c.

yes also true with me.i am 13 and use to wet thr bed.i just grew out of it and didnt drink befor helped .but mine was caused by deep sleep


I used to get her up at night, but one night she refused and said 'you can't make me' so I gave her an alarm, and she sleeps through the alarm... nothing is working.


i am 11 and the gargling realy works i havent wet the bed in a week


i recomen this for other people


I wet my bed well into my teens and am scared it may happen even now ...I am 22 . I am a very deep sleeper ...nothing worked for me alarms medecine being awoken up by mum I just kept well protected with washable pull-ups which was SO embarrassing but better than wet sheets etc,
As I got older people were kinder to me about it and it was less of a secret for me. Eventually it just stopped...tho even now I keep my mattress protected.... just in case


The milk thing is not b/c it helps you sleep deeper, it's an allergy! Research milk allergies and bedwetting, there is a correlation.

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