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if u have trouble popping ur black head take a pen take out all the ink out and everything so it will just be empty inside take the tip of the pen and press it on you black head and dig it out as the black head is coming out

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umm not quite sure digging it out tis a pen is good u can really hut ur self






you fucken idot that did not work


Okay, that is dangerous,And it could really scare your face! thats a no no


I understand what you're acts much like the tools the dermatologist uses and you can buy them at WalMart. Thanks!


ack! no way! this seems like it could really hurt and cause bad scars. Simply buy a $4-$10 professional Blackhead Extractor from any big store and save yourself this pain! DONT TRY IT


you should actually sterilize a safety pen or stick pen with fire and then alcohol then lightly prick the center of the blackhead just enough to make an opening then lightly squeeze the infection out.


The first thing they teach u wen u start getting pimpls and blackheads is simple... DONT POP THEM!:] I dont care if you think it works it dosent, unless you want a nice scard face! so plzz just dont do this! (use honey):)


Youre a fucking moron if u even try this. Stick the pen in your ass after you try this.

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