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I have had zits/pimples tried some things but this is the best thing i have used. go to your local pharmacy and get purell instant hand sanitizer (its only 0.25 cents) when you get home take off the cap stick your finger in and get some of it on your finger and put it on the pimple it will burn for about 20 seconds keep doing this a bunch of times a day until the pimple goes away. when i did it it only took 1 day but it depends how big and red it is this works beacuse it kills all the bacteria and germs in and on the pimple then dries it out it also helps if you pop it then put it on but thats optianal hope it works bye.

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OMG i put some on my face! IT BURNS! but will it really really work? i have been suffering for YEARs


I'm only 11 and I just got my first zit so i hope it works

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