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I've had ringworm of the scalp for so long, I actually got used to it, because I didn't know it was ringworm since it didn't make any bald patches the way it typically does when it's on the scalp. I've literally had it since I was in high school, and I'm 43 yrs. old now, so by the time I finally shaved my head so I could see the skin, it was a very advanced case. Because of the hair, when it's on your head, if it doesn't make the hair fall out, it doesn't form the typical ring shape, so it's not recognizeable as ringworm except that it does form a round or oval-shaped rashy patch. Mine was a deep, purplish-red color, and it itched like crazy if I didn't shampoo my hair every single day. I learned from that it was ringworm, and one of the home remedies they recommend is Selsun Blue shampoo or Head and Shoulders Intensive Care, since these have the ingredient 'selenium sulfide' in them. Selenium sulfide seems to work really well, as this silver-dollar-sized patch on the back of my scalp has now faded from a deep red to a light pink color after only a few weeks, and that's just from washing with it every day. For less extreme cases of ringworm, what I'd suggest is using Selsun Blue shampoo like a lotion. Shake it up good, and rub it on straight from the bottle, without water, and just let it sit for a half hour and then wash it off. I had a small outbreak in the middle of my chest, and I cleared it up this way in only a couple of days. Since ringworm is a fungus, Selsun Blue should also work on jock itch and athlete's foot, as well as vaginal yeast infections, probably. Selenium sulfide is the magical ingredient; totally painless, gentle and highly effective.

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Sensible person

Seriously, even suggesting that someone use something like Selsun Blue for a vaginal yeast infection is irresponsible. That is NOT intended for internal use, and it is intended to be used as a wash that is then rinsed away. You couldn't possibly do that on an internal mucous membrane!

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