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what to do if you get hot peppers juice in your eyes?

simply take a dab of salt thru the mouth and it disappears in seconds; the reaction of sodium entering your body helps the lacrimal of the eyes to flush acids and contrarrest the burning sensation really quick. Note: do not put salt in the eyes)

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taking salt in your mouth to relieve the sting of hot pepper in your eye really works and in a matter of seconds!!






Wow! It really worked!!!


Awesome! Amazing! Great! Gigantic Awesome! Enormous Awesome! Ginormous Awesome !(My son's eyes felt better immediately, and this is his comment.)
(His twin says 'Almost no seconds.')


I have just submitted this remedy for someone who Got acid in their eyes from a vehicle battery and the results was excellent in the space of seconds the burning sensation was gone


I was really suspicious, but it actually worked! Now to get it off the rest of my face...


Incredible, I jsut had pepper juice in my eye and it was very painful, one pinch and it was gone! Amazing...thank you!


Or you can follow medical protocal and rinse the eye out with clean water or eye wash!! Especially important for acids and other chemical burns that will not respond to this salt trick.


Wish I had consulted right away instead of toughing it out for several hours. Salt worked before I could say 'ugh' at the taste!

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