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Hi fellow sufferers,
I would just like to add this bit of wisdom. During your time o' agony stop taking in all forms of sugar. My research tells me that 18 tsp. of sugar will shut the immune system down for 24 hrs. An average can of non-diet pop is about ten teaspoons. Sugar is in nearly everything, i.e. ketchup, peanut butter, bread, coffee creamer etc. Read all labels. I would not even risk honey and such. You need your immune system able to help you so don't shoot yourself in the foot or the abscess for that matter. Hope this helps you. :)

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You are so right about sugar, it is an absolute killer!


Absolutely! An the reason is that sugar (or any processed, refined flour for that matter), turns into glucose. That means it is sugar. SUGAR IS WHAT FEEDS THE BACTERIA. Stop eating sugar and you will deprive bacteria from the needed glucose to keep multiplying- therefore starving the infection and killing it.

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