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I have had a bad fungus on my big toenail. I've been religiously soaking (at least 30 minutes) my toes in distilled white vinegar after thoroughly washing my feet with hot soapy water. After soaking in vinegar, let the area dry naturally. Then I load on Vick's VapoRub with a Q-tip on the nail and at the base of the nailbed where new growth begins. I cover it semi-loosely with a bandaid so the gunk won't get all over my sheets. In the a.m., I take off the bandaid and take my shower. I have been doing this for approximately 2 months, and the new growth is amazingly clear and pink!! It may take a while to see a difference, but it has certainly worked for me!

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Health freak

I've noticed my big toe looks like it isbeginning to discolor so I'm definately going to try the vinegar, vicks and tea tree oil. I don't doubt the the urine therapy would work but this would be my second to the last resort, I'm not a fan of commercial pharmaceuticals. I also wouldn't want anyone to find old pee in a bottle at my house (ha). Some people already think I strange and I'm sure this would convince them.


I've found with using topical treatments soaked in a cottonball, that a finger cot rolled over top, keeps the treatment in place comfortably. Works the same as the balloon usage or taping or using a bandaid, but perhaps more easily applied.

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