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WARNING: This is an extreme measure. Please DO NOT use on overly sensitive skin. Be careful! Use common sense.
I have acne scars on my face. They are pretty mild, so I wasn't too willing to drop $200-$400 on some expensive peel. Even the 'home' chemical peels on the internet can be pricey. So... I bought a bottle of liquid wart remover for like $3. (Sold almost everywhere found in the foot care section) I wet a cotton ball and then put the wart remover on it. (Wart remover is 15% salicylic acid) I waited all of 60 seconds and then rinsed with cool water. Do this ONLY every 7-10 days. Any more than this will irritate badly! After rinsing my skin, I applied a mixture of mederma (pretty expensive) and neosporin (I considered squeezing vitamin e capsules on the area, but didn't have time). I do have red hair and sensitive skin, but I urge ANYONE who uses this to be careful! My skin is usually red the next day, so I apply zinc diaper rash ointment to the area and it soothes and heals the redness. The area will look like a sunburn if done correctly. Peeling will occur. Please do not pick-this can cause further scarring! Let the skin naturally peel off and heal the scars. Do not leave salicylic acid on the skin for over 5 minutes! I don't care who you are- anything over 5 minutes will seriously irritate you. Be patient! It may take 4-6 peels to soften/heal the scars effectively. When applying, the area will sting this is normal. The wart remover strips off dead skin and results in peeling- over time healing scarred areas. Wait until about 3 days after you've done this and you can use a mild exfoliator. (Try mixing olive oil and sugar) Do not exfoliate too soon after treatment! The area will be irritated. Please be careful. This is, in my opinion, the absolute best treatment for scars available. It may not totally eliminate, but you can be sure it will soften and smooth scars!

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Well...I will try to be simple, I have to teenagers, imagine, full of acne, I travel to Mexico where I'm from and one of my cousing gave me a simple lotion called 'ASEPXIA'
one month, my kids with amazing clean face.
this acne treatment you can just find the adds on internet, but they do not sale it in USA.

Im in tucson, and I have friends that travel to Nogales sonora, are many diferents products with the same name, but I just buy the soap and some lotion.
no more than 20 dollars

Gaby B.

My e-mail is

maybe I can buy one for you and send it to you.

its the only way the I would like to help.



It actually works!!! ;]


I think that maderma by itself works pretty good.. My daughter got bit by a dig and had a scar and I put maderma on it for abount 2-3 weeks 3 times a day.. it works really well the scars are pretty much gone...


this realy does work to flatten and smooth uot a scar i have tried it.


I just tried this last night and now my scar is bigger and darker than ever before. its not red or irritated its just HUGE and DARK! please help!


I got precribed a cream by a compounding pharmacy in the area. Saw my doctor, and they shipped it in 2 days. My insurance covered it so I got a medical grade cream for $20 (my copay!) Email me at and ill try to help you as well :)


Thank you for all of the wonderful and detailed info on this :) going to try this method for my acne scars now :)

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