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Tanning Salon. I had ringworm for six weeks, severly on my tricpes, and it spread to my biceps, forearms, back and forehead. I tried everything, doctor and home remedy, and nothing got rid of it. I went to a tanning salon before a vacation, and the first 10 min session got rid of the smaller sores almost instantly. The second 10 min session turned the 7 and 5 inch lesions on my triceps into dry patches overnight.

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The problem with this method is that by laying in the tanning bed you are infesting the bed with the fungus for the next guest who lays down.


I cannot imagine how this works!! I GOT my ringworm FROM a tanning salon!! At first I thought it was a tiny bug bite, but everytime I went tanning it made it WORSE and it is not the size of a half dollar. When you sweat it makes the ringworm worse! not better!


While it is true that the sweat makes it worse, and that you can catch it from a tanning bed that hasn't been properly cleaned (they should be cleaned between uses.... gross...) Anyway, it's true, UV light kills the fungus, I used to get sunburned on purpose to get rid of ringworm. The only problem is I did have a dermatologist tell me that even if you kill the indiviual sores, some people still won't get rid of it until they kill it with oral meds over a long period of time because it can spread without even touching it... apparently... that's what he said at least :)


I think I actually developed my ringworm condition through use of tanning bed. Just remember tanning beds have all the warm moist conditions which encourage fungis' growth. so I wouldn't recommend this treatment as a cure at all.


If it gets worse by tanning consider having a culture done. Psoriasis often gets misdiagnosed as ringworm and sunburn can make it worse. Slight burst of UV however make it better.

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