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I've had an old family remedy of baking soda mixed with a little water to make a paste. Just dab a bit on and although it might sting for a minute, it shrinks and gets rid of the sore within 2 days.

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Not sure how it works yet- but it burns like the dickens when you put it on!!!

darth vader

yea it burns. its pretty nasty. this junk better work.


It does sting like crazy.They say it just stings for a little bit but it is a lie!!It better work.


i got a canker sore and now i am kinda afraid to use this method


GOOD GOD IT BURNS!!!!! This better work I'm not goin through all this pain for nothin. Not to mention it taste horrible


That's what my dentist told me to do. It stings really bad but only for a minuite and the stinging stops. Try and keep your mouth as clean as possible. Rince and gargle with warm salt water and then use the baking soda method. Canker sores are viral and have to run their course just like any other virus does. This at least helps and for me seems to quicken the healing process. I also read that milk of magnesia works too.


I thank you for this. i have braces and get canker sores all the time. When my local walgreens was closed i needed to find something in my kitchen cabinets to help my canker sore. Yes, it does burn but it wont kill you, and it does help.


oh come on it does not hurt that bad!


For those of you wondering about magnesia. (not sure how if thats the correct spelling)But i have used it quite a few times and it never seemed to work.


dude, that worked in like 20 minutes, I had a canker sore on the inside of my lower lip and I put the baking soda paste on, I put it on about 30 minutes ago, then it stung a little and now it barely hurts

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