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This is one of the best tips Ive ever got. Use Campho-Phenique Gel only on them. You will be surprised at how fast it rupture. Then go to the doctor and get Bactrim medication. Since Ive done this I havent had not a one. Yay

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I tried this after being in pain for days. It literally cleared up over night.. just be sure to use a large enough band aid to cover the area because the boil will drain overnight.


I tried this stuff yesterday. I do think it is wonderful because like someone else mentioned, as soon as I put the Campho Phenique on the boil, I got instant relief and this cooling and soothing feeling came over the boil. The only thing is my boil did not burst as fast as everyone said it would. I have a pretty big boil and that's maybe why, but I'm looking for something stronger. Thanks for the suggestion.


Tried Carmex (didn't have the other)within a few hours stubborn boil came to a head and is now draining. Put some on gauze and cover with first aid tape. I am going to do this as long as pus is coming out. Thanks for the tip!


I keep getting boil in the exact same place???

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