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I came to this page looking for help. I could not afford going back to the dentist. I tried the clove oil. and couldn't beleive the relief that came within minutes. for $5.00 I found this great little kit. Its called Red Cross Toothahe. It comes with a small bottle of oil, great little curved tweezers, but the best is the cotton pellets that fit perfectly in the hole. Thanks for the help.

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Tricia R. (Chicago)

I just so happend to have one of these kits at home. I just flushed with salt water using a diabetic syringe from my Dad and inserted a little clove soaked cotton bud 5 min ago and pain went from a 10 down to a 2.. ahhh now I can go back to sleep. This is my second time having dry socket and I wish I knew these tricks the first time.

Wonderful recomendation...


I have a dry socket that was packed at the dentist and then came loose today. I got the little tooth kit and the pain relief was almost instant! Be sure to squeeze the oil out of the cotton first though so it does not drip. I didn't and had nasty clove oil all over my mouth. Still that was better than the pain.

Sara from Kentucky

Where did you get the little kit? I am desparate!!!!!!

Brian Tampa FL

Thank GOD for this site! I had my impacted lower wisdom teeth pulled 6 days ago and I have been in increasing levels of pain and agony ever since. My right side has pretty much healed but the left side is unfreakin bearable. It has been throbbing and hurting so bad and I have developed a nasty case of constipation ( I think I gave birth to a bag of rocks after taking a laxative )from all the perocets and vicodins I have been taking to try and get some moderate relief. I just sent my girlfriend running to the drug store for the oil and the toothache kit. I pray that this junk works because I am gonna lose it :) Will keep you posted


I just had my rear, lower molar extracted 2.5 days ago. Now pain is bad and terrible taste in my mouth!
I have one of these kits from years of battling tooth pain and I am going to go and try it right now. I have had this before myself..thinking about the taste of the medicated strip they put in...kind of tasted like that clove oil! Going to eat first, then flush and hopefully use this rememdy and be paoin free and sleep!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

Monroe, La

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Instant pain reliever...the pain was almost unbearable....this should hold me up until my follow-up


ok was my turn, 3 bottom teeth pulled. am a smoker, was not told to not smoke. caused such a nightmare of pain, just like the rest of u. teeth pulled tues, by fri. pain was so unbearable a 10 forsure. suffered like that till mon. was taking advil extra(2) then 2hrs later alternating with tylenol extra (2) i could not wait 4hrs till next dose,even though every thing i read said i could damage my intestines and stomache, liver and kidneys. i just had to try and kill this pain before i killed my self to put me out of my pain. i also took t3's when i could be sleepy and high. I read about clove oil here, and bought it before i saw the dentist in emerg mon morn. he suringed the sockets out, and #@*? that hurt like hell, i was in tears leaving the office. then they put in a gel to fill hole. that kind of protects like your lost blood clot would from bacteria getting in. he gave me this to take home and do 3x a day. I did it all day yesterday, with little improvement pain was about a 5. then at night i decided to give the clove oil a shot. put a drop in sockets, then gel and WOW perfect remedy. so thats what i am doing today the next day and i feel no more pain. yay i am normal again. dont give up you who are suffering now. get to the store and get the clove oil. what u read here is all true and will put you out of your misery instantly.BAM! its gone. best wishes. deb

Katy W

Red Cross Toothache Kit is an absolute MIRACLE! I came to this site looking for help and decided I might as well give it a try. Within minutes the excruciating pain was gone and I'm completely grateful for the information.

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